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This song is a true story about some time in history about some of my life time's.


Sometimes when i think on you
It reminds me when i was a child
I grew up to be a grandad
With horror in my life

She took away my possessions
She took away my little girl
She was all i ever had
I only saw her 4 times

And life can be so nasty
At times it can give you love
Then a divorce

And those moments i remember
See ing my little girl
Brings joy for only
4 x in my life

Now she is older
Has children of her own
I do not know what's been said
But she dose not see me at all

So i write this song
Let you know
Daddy loves you so

And the moments
Can be love when we met
And the moments can be horror
When your gone

(c) 16 - JULY - 2021 THEMIS KOUTRAS

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