Time's Up Game's Over

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I would like to introduce to you an act which we are developing. B-Rock is a young rap artist.
B-Rock was brought up listening to old-school rap classics at an early age. By age eleven, he developed an interest in new-school artists such as Notorious Big, Tupac and others, all of whom have heavily influenced who he is today. B-Rock has also strongly been impacted by Eminem, which is evident in some of his songs, but not transparent. To his credit, B-Rock has a style unlike any other.
For a sixteen year old, B-Rock’s lyrical skills are very intelligent. His rapping style is very articulate and coherent and his rhyming and vocabulary are extremely impressive. B-Rock is in touch with the thoughts and feelings of the average teenager growing up in today’s world. He has his finger on the pulse of today’s youth, as well as tremendous insight into his own self.
B-Rock’s debut album, “Bipolar Disorder”, contains a variety of styles. B-Rock engages his listening audience with this characters and persona through his lyrical story telling. B-Rock’s future looks very promising, if his debut album is any inkling of what is to come.
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i blast my shit so everybody culd hear
lemme make my point now so everyone clear
ive beeen nice since the days wit lunchboxes n cookies
now its cased closed ya dudes is rookies
i maybe sixteen but i rhyme like im grown
just relax n kick bak
climb to my throne
n u kno ima celebrate wen i make it to the top
n u kno hoo flo so tha record is hot
executive spot
but i aint goin by the rules
n u only get notice cuz u standin up on stools
just act natural im actually actual
fiction is factual
national geographical
dudes i hear on the speakez
suckin like leaches
cheechin n chong on the bong
n on this i album it features
mind my state
n wen the world heres this album its gon boost the crime rate
my brain sideways
i new u old like yesterdays news
copped a pair a kicks cuz i sciffed yesterdays shoes
im out way past ya curfew a dude that ull hurt chu
a dude that murk u
spy on u wonderin y that car goin in circles
rock to till u dont kno wuts goin on
man u cant even make beat to thro it on
my rhymes are outstandin catch u out side starin
my music is blarin i dont think u understandin

times up game over u lose i win
amn u culd neva walk around in the shoes im in
catch me slightly in nikes addidas or da tims
copped the whip then proceeded wit rims
u culd get hypnotized watchin um spin
n god watches over all of us commitin are sins
u gotta use weapons tho mines is writen
i aint use shit instead of nine im spittin

catch chu trippin
ill ring ya neck it ull be the tech that im gripin
n im steadily sippin so just shutup n listen
im sayin last man standin one man walkin
means one man luaghin my cannon sparkin
shulda parked in no parkin
watch were u walk in the darkin
thats wut chu get for the talkin
u da primary target
explicit content buy this for ya loved ones
guarantee ya 14 year kid wuld love one
leave an exit wound 1 shot makes 2 holes
bout to blow up cuz all the preesure i hold
got love for the game that stay in my soul
u a reactment rehearsin lines for the role

times up game over u lose i win
amn u culd neva walk around in the shoes im in
catch me slightly in nikes addidas or da tims
copped the whip then proceeded wit rims

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