Published 2 months ago in Acoustic

She Hated to Say Goodbye

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A sad song about suicide; losing a first love to a death by suicide.


“She Hated To Say Goodbye”

[Verse 1]

I remember our last night together and the fondness we shared
I told you my feelings and how much I really cared
Our passion for each other was always true and deep
Nocturnal peace made us one as we drifted off to sleep


She hated to say goodbye
I think about her when I look to the sky
I hated to say goodbye
I still feel tears burn in my eye

[Verse 2]

The morning sunshine laid a soft glow upon your face
I kissed you farewell; I had my dreams to chase
You packed up and traveled to find your destiny
I always think of happy times shared between you and me



She might have been a mother; she was always my friend
What final thoughts brought her dreams to an end
I wished she had come back to rest in my bed
But she took her own life instead



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