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Festive Fun - Franchesco De Rosa

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“Festive Fun” is Franchesco De Rosa’s holiday EDM track. It’s a whirlwind of elevating beats and airy tones. The song is a twist of cinnamon and swiveled candy cane put to music. Not too sugary, not too sweet, this delicious EDM escape charms its way to the music fan’s heart. A wave of fun, a dash of spunk and a boatload of energy, “Festive Fun” boasts little ornate details and instead feels like an improvisational party.

Fast and loose and feeling like it’s nearing a New Year’s Eve party or celebration, “Festive Fun” drives home a roaring electronica. Fans of EDM wanting a bit more bass beat and a heavy bass drum are going to find themselves more enamored with the melodic tones and textures. Franchesco De Rosa (Frank Robinson’s EDM stage name) is based in the UK. Besides “Festive Fun” this busy composer records country songs under the alias Mountain Rio. His resume doesn’t end there – he’s also an author whose works include both romance novels and children’s books. How he found time to do all this is mind boggling, but the groove and the enthusiasm is nonstop in “Festive Fun”. He balances his art very well and you get the sense in “Festive Fun” that he uses his time wisely – what little time he has – and makes it count. The beats, the freshness of the sound is invigorating and doesn’t need any extra, well, bells and whistles to create the mood. He does it in one quick swoop. Or two. ISRC Number:USJ3V1881449



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