Published 12 months ago in Dance

Til the Sunlight

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This summer, get ready for the iconic hit song that's back!
Get ready to groove with this classic tune! With its catchy melody and upbeat tempo, it's the perfect soundtrack for your sunny adventures. So turn it up and let the good vibes of summer take over!



1) I never thought that I could feel this way/
I’m going round and round/
The sunlight’s shinning must be dreaming this day/
Going from town to town//


1) Til the sunlight/
We party all night/

Verse 1

1) (Wouh!) Get lucky, gotta feel happy/
Girl get it on all the homies keep clapping like/
What’s happening, what’s going on/
Everybody’s partying all night long//
2) So you know I’ ma get it-/
-In til the rooth is burning up/(We burning up Nico!)
Loving how we living-/
-And that we’re always turning up//(Turn it up Talmi!)

Pre Hook

1) So we get away, get away, get away/
To celebrate, celebrate, celebrate/


Verse 2

1) Get money, so we celebrating/
It’s that, Panam Wasup entering your nation/(Salute!)
What’s cracking, shorty what’s happening/
Dj rock the crowd ‘cause the party’s never stopping//(Wouh!)
2) So Welcome to the Life, feeling alright/
The gentlemen are smooth and the ladies look nice/
Tell ‘hem it’s the Life, until the sunlight/
Shines we’re gonna groove and party all night//

Pre Hook



1) Let me have some fun in this club tonight/
Let us go around and around all night/
So let’s ride into the city until the sunrise/
Shines all around keep dancing all night//




ok , c'est bon pour nous

/ ::