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This is about turning to GOD


When i try to find a answer to the things of life
I find it all in GOD.

When the question's come i my head and i wonder how
The answer turn to GOD

When the bad times comes turned to good
The answer GOD did bring me through

When the people i know some turn away use ing you
For no good then they say you are kind good loving
But i am not a fool
The answer is GOD tells me so

When the great people of GOD you meet in life
Give a helping hand to a wrench like me
The answer is GOD LEAD THEM 2

They are like none before the people of GOD
Love me so and the answer is GOD knows
I love them 2

The answer to life is life
The meaning of life is life

(c) 16 - JULY - 2021 THEMIS KOUTRAS

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