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Lost Love Song

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A Rock Opera in the form of a mini-opera!

A tale of love lost, then found.

Settle in for a beautiful tale of finding true love.


"Lost Love Song"
[Monty Milne's Acoustic Mini-Opera]

I. Timebomb

Help me, Help me, My brain’s on fire
Save me, Save me, I’ve lost my life desires
Too tough, Too tough, There’s damage in the air
It ain’t fair, It ain’t fair, See myself lyin’ in the gutter somewhere
Who am I, Who am I, A dead man wanderin’ the broken streets
Lost soul, Lost soul, Tortured as I sadly shuffle my feet

In need, In need, My essence can’t find no peace
In the dark, In the dark, Will I ever find release

You look at me what do you see
Just the shell of my cell

‘Cause I’m trapped down deep in unreal dark and cold
(Yeah) ‘Cause I’m trapped down deep in unreal dark and cold

This image, this face, this soul and it’s its place
I run like thunder girl ain’t it a wonder
That I’m living on the edge of destruction baby I’m a timebomb
I’m living for nothing without you baby I’m a timebomb

I’m a symphony
You were my melody
(Now) our alliance
Has reached silence

You got a hole
In your soul
So have a swill
of this pill

I’m a rockin’ storm
I break the norm
Well you lost me
Now I’m runnin’ free

But still I’m livin’ for nothin’ without you baby
I’m a timebomb

II. The Flame

Baby, it’s true our spark has perished
But it lit the flame long enough
To give us memories we’ll always cherish

It lit the way for special times between us
Bellowing heat into our desires
Than a chill set in and we began to fuss

But I’ll tell you something sugar

Maybe things ain’t quite so bad
This thing called love ain’t quite so sad
Our time together has come and gone
We’re still good friends that still belong

In the company of one another

III. Mystery Woman

Golden hair, eyes of blue
Mystery woman I love you

Sweet as sugar, twice as fine
The sun could never match your shine

Watch you dance in the evening mist
See your figure float and twist

Purity in your dress of white
Kiss my soul and hold me tight

/ ::