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A charming conversation between God and Satan with Humanity the topic of discussion.


"The Ballad of God and Satan"


What if I am God return;
What if I'm the one who'll make you burn?

[Verse 1]

"This is the day of all my dreams," said Satan with a grin.
God cried-out in rage and sorrow: "Let Judgement Day begin!"
Good old Mother Earth blew-up; who got to the button first?
Heaven's gates didn't open that day, yeah; Satan got the worst.


[Verse 2]

"I gave them life, and I gave them hope," said God in troubled boast.
"I'll reward them for their sin," screamed Satan, "tonight their souls will roast!"
As life was sucked into the fire, the universe was cloaked in pain.
The good man's humble loss, of course, was the bad man's righteous gain.


[Verse 3]

The light of hope was snubbed, as was the broken dream.
Satan gave a little laugh, while God choked-back a scream.
"The wolf has led my sheep astray," God whispered to the stars.
Satan laughed and snickered; mocked: "Try again on Mars!"


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